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Language Modules


As you already know, MCM Alchimia ®  is fully customizable for your mother language (not available at the moment unicode charset) in a very easy form.

If you want to customize your MCM Alchimia ® to your mother language, fulfill and submit the form below to create your own language module and download it for free. Then you can install easily that language plugin in your software using main menu "Language" option.

Módulos de Idioma


Como saben, la interfase de usuario de MCM Alchimia ®  es totalmente configurable a otros idiomas (por el momento no para set de caracteres unicode) en una forma bien fácil.

Si deseas MCM Alchimia ® en tu idioma, llena el siguiente formulario y al enviar te permitirá descargar el módulo de idioma para que lo instales en tu aplicación.

Translate below terms to your mother language

In order to get a correct language plugin file for your MCM Alchimia, you should follow a few directives.

  • Respect capital/non capital letters at the beginning of the terms/sentences. Some of these terms are in the middle of a sentence, that is why they begin with non capital letter.

Required *

Name of the language that you will create from english terms (i.e. "Italian")

Country where is mainly used this language (i.e. Portuguese might be Portugal or Brazil)

If you have no idea what this field is, just leave default and don't worry...

Your name (or nickname), just to thank you

(If you want to receive this Language plugin for MCM Alchimia type your email address.
Otherwise just leave it blank and the plugin will be published soon in this site)


And below, the terms list. Just replace the english term/sentence with translated terms

(means if after a test, my data "fit" in a Gaussian probability distribution)

(refers to the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, recommended result format)

Contracted form, if possible, for Degrees of freedom.

(for: "Interim result")

(Referring to Gaussian distribution)

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